University of California-San Diego - Main Campus

In this page, we analyze and compile statistics about campus security including arrests, criminal offences, disciplinary actions, campus housing fires, and hate crimes at University of California-San Diego. University of California-San Diego Public, 4-year or above school located in La Jolla, CA.
Next table summarizes academic overviews and general information of University of California-San Diego. You can see full information of the school at University of California-San Diego.
University of California-San Diego Overview
NameUniversity of California-San Diego
Address9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA
School TypePublic
School Level4-year or above
Student Population28,294
Next table summarizes the campus safety related crimes. Total 4,756 crimes were reported at University of California-San Diego. By crime type, 75 arrests, 95 criminal offenses, 4,581 disciplinary actions, 2 hate crimes, and 3 residence hall fires were reported last year. By location, there were 2,501 on campus, 7 non-campus, 13 on public properties, and 2,235 on residence hall crimes.
University of California-San Diego Campus Safety and Crime Statistics
TotalOn CampusNon CampusPublic PropertyResidence Halls
Criminal Offenses95636818
Disciplinary Actions4,5812378002203
Hate Crimes21001
Residence Hall Fires3-3
Total4,756 2,5017 132,235