University of Colorado Denver - Downtown

In this page, we analyze and compile statistics about campus security including arrests, criminal offences, disciplinary actions, campus housing fires, and hate crimes at University of Colorado Denver. University of Colorado Denver Public, 4-year or above school located in Denver, CO.
Next table summarizes academic overviews and general information of University of Colorado Denver. You can see full information of the school at University of Colorado Denver.
University of Colorado Denver Overview
NameUniversity of Colorado Denver
Address1380 Lawrence Street, Lawrence Street Center, Suite 1400, Denver, CO
School TypePublic
School Level4-year or above
Student Population22,396
Next table summarizes the campus safety related crimes. Total 969 crimes were reported at University of Colorado Denver. By crime type, 236 arrests, 78 criminal offenses, 654 disciplinary actions, 1 hate crimes, and 0 residence hall fires were reported last year. By location, there were 396 on campus, 24 non-campus, 225 on public properties, and 324 on residence hall crimes.
University of Colorado Denver Campus Safety and Crime Statistics
TotalOn CampusNon CampusPublic PropertyResidence Halls
Criminal Offenses784511211
Disciplinary Actions65432470323
Hate Crimes11000
Residence Hall Fires0-0
Total969 39624 225324