4-year or above Colleges

In United States, there are 3,217 4-year or above post-secondary education institutes such as colleges and universities. Among them, 3,015 schools (5,272 campuses) have reported their campus security and safety statistics last year. Next table shows general information about 4-year or above colleges.

Next table shows general information of 4-year or above colleges in US.
4-year Or Above Colleges General Information
Number of Schools3,217
Private not-for-profit1,666
Private for-profit801
Student Total13,165,749

Following table summarizes security related actions for 4-year or above colleges. You can analyze the detail safety and security statistics by location and crime type from left menu.
4-year or above Colleges Overall Crime Statistics
Criminal Offenses35,27633,96833,244
Disciplinary Actions233,157255,107254,209
Campus Housing Fires2,2182,0912,111
Hate Crime888719733