Private not-for-profit, 2-years Colleges

In United States, there are 189 private not-for-profit, 2-years post-secondary education institutes such as colleges and universities. Among them, 259 schools (283 campuses) have reported their campus security and safety statistics last year. Next table shows general information about private not-for-profit, 2-years colleges.

Next table shows general information of Private not-for-profit, 2-years colleges in US.
Private Not-for-profit, 2-years Colleges General Information
Number of Schools189
Student Total60,179

Following table summarizes security related actions for private not-for-profit, 2-years colleges. You can analyze the detail safety and security statistics by location and crime type from left menu.
Private not-for-profit, 2-years Colleges Overall Crime Statistics
Criminal Offenses274301337
Disciplinary Actions247359360
Campus Housing Fires367
Hate Crime3410